Join Us

Join us for the end of the world this Friday for an all night vigal at the park. Take in the scenery as Zorp burns your flesh off with his volcano mouth and is then used as feul for his master plan.

NOTE: If you would like to attend make sure to bring a checkbook; there are people who don't believe in the arrival of Zorp and are selling us flutes and recorders, essentials during the ritual of Zorp's arrival (What a bunch of suckers, as if they'll be alive to even cash in their check!).

ANOTHER NOTE: If you would like to participate during our musical ritual please take initiative and memorize "Symphony for the righteous destruction of humanity in E minor"


Zorp was first brought into the mainstream by Lou Prozotovich, an office supply salesman who wrote two books, "Organize It!" and "Organize It 2: Engage With Zorp!" The second is said to not get very good until Zorp shows up.

Zorp the Surveyor is the 28-foot-tall lizard-god savior of our cul- I mean organization known as the Reasonabilists. Our movement has rocked Pawnee, Indiana in the 1970's and contiues today. Zorp is predicted to come down to Earth and end all human existence by melting off everyone's faces with his "volcano mouth."

About Us

We are The Reasonanilists we follow our religion, Reasonableism.

The Reasonabilists

Hail Zorp!